Auto Repair NJ for Doyle’s Automotive Service LLC


Anyone who happens to be in north eastern NJ outside NYC, Bergen County and the surrounding area to be exact, check out the best auto repair NJ shop, Doyle’s automotive LLC.

Auto Repair NJ Bergen County – Doyle’s Automotive Service LLC

Address: 381 River Rd, New Milford, NJ 07646
Phone: (201) 739-6121

Ryan Doyle is the owner and he is a talented mechanic who works on everything, from cars, to four wheel drive, to motorcycles.

The guy can fix anything, from electronics, to motors, exhaust, heating and cooling (a/c), suspension, you name it. He can replace your tires too.

Doyle’s automotive will make sure that your vehicle passes NJ inspection.

If there was a contest, then Doyle’s Automotive would qualify for a very strong standing in the best auto repair NJ title, hands down.

Read Tom C.‘s review of Doyle’s Automotive Service on Yelp

…and while you are at it, check out this video review I made (I did this because I was so impressed with this guy’s work AND his customer service and attention, and he was real polite to my wife too.


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