Using Craigslist for MCA Leads

Craigslist is like this love it or hate it thing, especially for the MCA marketer.

The problem is that Craigslist is GREAT for getting MCA leads.

Using Craigslist for MCA leads is how many are building their teams large so no MCA rep can ignore this gold mine of potential job seeking leads.

The problem is that most ads get flagged and/or ghosted, thus losing all of their strength since when that happens no one sees the ads so you don’t get any leads.

You see, Craigslist has this view of network marketing types of programs, a faulty myopic view, and it’s just plain hard to post on there without your ads getting flagged, ghosted, or removed.

craigslist ghosting flagged ads

I don’t post MCA ads in job sections that are totally inappropriate for it, but I guess some of the marketers who lack judgement and class made Craigslist adopt such draconian policies regarding bizop ads.

There are ways around this but you have to be REAL creative.

I have a way to post ads that gets the leads to message you, but that is not something I want to go into here, since I reserve techniques like this for my team members who join with me. So, if you’re on the fence, get off that fence and join my team so that you can get the overall marketing plan, techniques, referrals to tools I use, and things like this Craigslist training.

Anyway, what I can do is give a little here.  I’ll tell you what works as of this writing, to help keep your ads live on Craigslist.

craigslist vigilantes

Whether it’s self appointed internet police “do gooders” who think that they have a Batmanesque right to keep people “safe” from internet marketers who aren’t offering regular 9-5 jobs that pay crappy, or 9-5 job seekers who report ads that are not what they think (somewhat more valid but wouldn’t apply to my ads which are truthful and accurate ads that I post) or even competitors who like to flag other marketing ads to get them removed so they have the area to themselves, automated algorithmic flagging that the Craigslist system does automatically based on criteria, or just regular internet trash that like to cause trouble reminiscent of graffiti artists and other vandals, (what a mouthful!) YOU have to know how to give your CL ads a fighting chance out there.

About a month after I posted my first few ads I found out they were all flagged and removed, so I started searching for ways to keep them up.

There are ways, and they work most of the time.  I haven’t had it fail yet but I’m sure if the conditions were right it could happen.

What you do it place your ad in a way that it’s totally devoid of anything that says “this is a network marketing ad”.  Now, I live dangerously and like to be truthful with people, so I pretty much get it through that it’s a sales/commissions type of a job and that the pay is variable etc.  Like I said above I’m not going into all of the specifics because I think that information is worth something and not to be totally given away for free, but I will say that AFTER your ad is placed, and there is some skill and technique to that, you can do the following to help keep it live.

First, get a VPN software service that let’s you change up your IP address at will and change the geo-location where you are coming from.  This part isn’t 100% necessary, but it helps to keep the dogs off your tail.

Use a completely different web browser that you don’t mind clearing the cookies/cache from often.

I don’t use an account but you need a verified email to post ads with, and I have several.

CL recently stopped allowing non phone verified emails.

When you place ads, if you aren’t using the account feature which would show you an ad history, create a text file that has each ad and a few pieces of information grouped for each ad so that you can easily look up your ads if you need to.  It really makes the whole process easier.  Group each ad in it’s own few lines separated with some mark like equal signs or something, and put the City/Location under which you placed the ad, the date that you placed it so that you can search CL for that day to make sure it’s not been ghosted (when you are checking for that), the title of your ad, and the direct link to your ad.

Like this:


Chicago Illinois


posted as CSR job –  AD TITLE HERE

http:// URL OF AD

Long Island, NY


posted as generic sales – AD TITLE HERE

http:// URL OF AD


Change your IP to the geo-location (closest proximity) to where you are placing the ad.

Open browser and clear cache/cookies.

Place ad.

Go to your CL ad email to retrieve the Ad confirmation email, copy/paste the link into the ad placing browser. Go there to activate your ad. Place the ad direct URL into your ad tracking text file so that you can easily find it and go to it periodically in the steps below.

Clear cache/cookies again.

Rotate/change your IP address to the same geo-location different IP (very easy with the VPN I posted above)

Clear cache/cookies.

Paste the ad’s direct URL into the special web browser that you use for this task.

Open about 20-40 tabs in the browser and call up the ad once in all of them, clearing your cache/cookies every 10 or so, just to be safe.

Only ONCE per IP address rotation and after previous cache/cookies were cleared, acting as the CL job seeker, tag your ad as “Best of Craigslist”. Only once per IP change and only after clearing cookies and when you rotate your IP again you ALWAYS clear cache/cookies.

Every day or every other day go to your ads using the correct geo IP etc as instructed above and do this again for them.  Refresh the ads a bunch of times, clear cache cookies often, and periodically do a Best of Craigslist to them between cache/cookie clears.

By doing this you are simulating a plethora of CL users viewing your ad and either loving it or not having any problem with it, so that when some internet jerk flagger or a CL robot assesses it, its ratio of clean views and Best of Craigslist vs bad flagging or reports is tilted in YOUR favor.  If some idiot flags it and you don’t have the clean views to protect it, the algorithm will just allow that flag to kill the ad.  If you have these protections in place, your ad will most likely survive and stay live.

Periodically check the ad section on the date you posted it to see if it is still in the listing.  If it isn’t it’s been Ghosted and even though you can see it from your direct URL no one else can.  This method protects against that from happening too.

So, I hope that you find that useful.  As of now it works well for me.  I’ve had ads up for weeks so far with no issues when many people’s ads are flagged within a few minutes of going live.  It’s a real problem that CL should fix since let’s face it they are allowing low lifes to ruin lots of people’s legitimate activities.

Can it still happen? Sure.  All I can say is that since I started doing it this way, my ads last MUCH longer, and I have yet to have any go down since I started doing this.  before this I would get an email within a few hours to a day that the ad was flagged and pending removal.

Check out the rest of my blog and learn all about this wonderful benefits package that I am in, that YOU need, (if you’re in North America) and you can market effectively online.  It has an awesome compensation plan that pays 200% commissions on successful referrals, and it even has a great 3×8 matrix with spillover at the Platinum level.

I hope that you got some use out of this article.






About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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