Arnold Schwarzenegger is Synonymous with Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those guys who you just can’t doubt when he talks about success. So many people out there love his movies and are a fan of the guy but about 98% of those same people don’t understand him and would never  have what it takes to succeed at anything beyond the typical nine to fiver.

Did you watch the above video?

It gave me goose bumps.

Just look at the guy.  He finds something he is good at, excels in it, gains some local notoriety, then some more, then moves to a foreign country, and puts up with all kinds of doubters and pokers of fun.  They make fun of the muscle man and laugh at his German accent when he expresses his desire to be a movie star.

Does he get discouraged?

Did he tuck his tail between his legs and vanish back to Austria?

Nope.  Not this guy.

He thumbs his nose at the critics and goes on to defy conventional wisdom and makes movie after movie.

arnold schwarzenegger movies

People made fun of Conan the Barbarian. Heck, I can’t even watch that train wreck from beginning to end.

It doesn’t matter.

he went on to make fantastically popular movies when he found his tough guy good guy gun toting niche.

He even branched out into comedy.

The rest is the stuff of legend.

No matter how many people admire the man, most of them would NEVER take a risk or try to go for something outside the norm if their life depended on it.

Dare to dream, people!

Stop taking what the status quo offers you and shake it up a bit!

Start a business, join a marathon, get some hobbies and goals!

Stop stagnating on the couch and tuning out in between 9-5 sessions because when you get to the end game, you’ll find that the game is almost over and there is no overtime.

No replays.

Just memories of the big game that you barely showed up for.



About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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