MCA Platinum Matrix

MCA has Gold and Platinum plans that let member tap into a 3×8 matrix for greater earnings potential.  The Gold allows 50% while the Platinum members have full 100% of the Matrix earnings, so of course I recommend for $10 extra over Gold, go with that.

I am going to link in a video here that explains this in more detail.  It starts with me speaking but segues into the actual presentation so stick with it and watch the entire thing and be prepared to BE BLOWN AWAY!

Do you see the POWER of being in the Matrix?

What this means is that for only $20 more per month, you get the great MCA benefits and the same earning potential for referrals that you got with the regular Total Security Motor Club, but in the Matrix you get 100% check matching for your personally sponsored team’s matrix earnings PLUS you get the spillover members in your Matrix that you didn’t even personally sponsor, so as your Matrix fills even without any personal referrals, your earnings steadily climb up while you are simply paying for your monthly membership in the plan.

This is what real retirement earning potential is, and you never know, you can end up with some real producers in your Matrix which will get you there even faster.

The Motor Club of America Platinum 3×8 Matrix is where all MCA members really want to be for their future earnings and retirement goals.

Think about what that can mean as you get older.  As most people get older they can look forward to trying to live on 40% or less than what they made at their pre retirement occupations.

For smart MCA members who got into a great thing when they saw it, they can look forward to having the potential to bath in thousands per month coming in just for being an MCA member and maybe referring some people into the plan over time.  For those who take an active role in promoting this system, they can look forward to mind blowing earnings potential in the neighborhood (and this is no promise or guarantee since that would be illegal and unethical to do) of $98,000 PLUS per month!

Imagine having that kind of monthly income at your fingertips.

Think of the lifestyle or the investments that you would be able to make.

You could have an entire investment portfolio, real estate, etc.

You could build up generational wealth for your family.

Just sit there and really think about it all.  Think long and hard.

Then get on over to my video page and join MCA.




About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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