MCA Rescues Retail Workers

How many retail workers out there are working a total grind when they don’t have to?

I see them all of the time.

In fast food restaurants and other restaurants and food service.

In supermarkets.

In gas stations.

Card stores.

Ice cream shops.

Get what I mean?


The retail slave workers can escape this if they would just open their eyes to what else is out there.  They can work MCA part time until they make enough to escape the retail rat race for good, just like so many former retail workers who are now MCA superstars have done.  You can learn a lot more from the videos at the portal.

Do you REALLY want to work for minimum wage forever?

Face it, it’s a dead end existence with absolutely no future.

I mean, put it this way, the most advancement anyone can ever hope for in that industry is store manager and those people have a lot of stress and still don’t make anywhere near the amount of money that they should be earning for putting up with all of the stuff that they have to on a daily basis.

I know.

When I was in my twenties I was an assistant manager for a liquor store chain in NJ and those managers made very little money to support their families. They made only about half what the average corporate office worker makes, and even the corporate people are struggling to make a decent living these days.

Don’t get caught in this retail worker trap forever!

MCA rescues retail workers

Use MCA to escape and to do your own thing, make your own money, set your own hours, and be your own boss.

This way, if you decide to work harder, it can very well lead to a lot more income in the short term, rather than waiting on some raise or promotion that may never come, if you are depending on a regular job to provide it.

What could be a better way to make more income and escape the retail hell than to get yourself some benefits and then get paid a 200% commissions for showing others how they can get the same benefits?

It’s a win win situation.

I have all of the promotional bases covered for you so you can use the same methods to get your promotions out there all over the place, both online and offline, to increase YOUR reach and YOUR conversions so that YOU get paid every Friday too!

Use these online sources to get the word out online as well.

mca local social networks

Be sure to promote locally as well! The graphic below is a great flyer style to give you an idea.  You can easily make pull tabs at the bottom so people can take your information to go when they see your pull tab flyer posted locally in a store or other allowed place.

MCA Pull tab flyer style

You just have to tell yourself that you are NOT going to settle for a minimum wage existence anymore and that with some creativity, work, and faith, that YOU TOO will be running your own sales based business and living the internet lifestyle that you always see others doing but until now couldn’t figure out how to get started.




About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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    Your website looks great.


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