The Local MCA Promotion

MCA is one of those network marketing gems that you may learn about online but you can promote it online and/or offline.  If you learned about it locally and offline then you already realize this, but many people today hear about it online and don’t immediately put together that you can promote this locally with ease.

So, with all of the online prospects out there all over the Internet, why would you want to even think about promoting MCA locally?

Well, that’s EASY!

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of people who you can reach locally through various means who you would never actually bump into online.  Also, most, if not all, of these local people have extensive online networks of people through social media alone. (think FaceBook, Instagram, Google+, etc)

mca local social networksThink about that.  We are conditioned and programmed today to do everything online, and that includes looking for business for our network marketing and MLM businesses. (YOUR MCA business!)  Of course we all know that there are virtually unlimited prospects online and they aren’t hampered by physical location.  You don’t have to talk to most people face to face online when dealing with recruiting and you use non physical means of communication and presentation media like YouTube, Blogging, and Social Media to get your message across and to connect to all of these people in a virtual way.


Okay, I get it!  We get it!  It makes perfect sense!

It really does.


What most people are ignoring is that when you advertise locally for your business, you are reaching a whole group of people through an increasingly emptying and non competitive vector AND you are then possibly gaining access to all of THEIR online connections through them, when they share it out or after you recruit them and then THEY share the business online socially!

Get the point?

So, I am going to write an article about advertising locally for your MCA business and let’s tap into those other people’s online social networks, shall we?

By the way, you should get on over to my MCA video presentation page and get into the team that has a deeper strategy set around all of this so that you can actually cash in on this knowledge to the tune of 200% commissions for every qualified referral into MCA.



About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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