The MCA Referral Program Explained

So you want to know about the MCA (Motor Club of America) referral program, dontcha?

If you’re in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, then this is possible for you.

The company is great, the benefits are great, and the pay is great, but let’s face it, people want to know what their pay potential is. It’s only potential, dictated by your own actions, but enough people are duplicating this that it’s definitely possible that YOU TOO can make lots of money with the MCA referral program.


$40 = (2 months of membership – 1st and last month) recurring $19.95 starting at your third month.

So you sign up and get 1 referral to buy their membership @ $40 just like you did when you signed up.

You will get a check (or direct deposit) the following week from the week you made that referral.

Your commission = $80

That puts you in profit from your very first referral.

But with every referral, you will have made $80 per referral.

So if you got # of referrals within the same pay cycle you will get paid:

5 x $80 = $400 for that week
10 x $80 = $800 for that week
and so on….

Motor Club of America pays either by company check or direct deposit into your bank account. MCA Pays their agents on a weekly basis and remember this is a commission job.

mca referral benefits

Your income potential is truly unlimited., and keep in mind that while you’re referring others, those you refer will be doing the same, which means you are building residual income.

How does that sound for a dependable long lasting income stream.

If you would like to get your membership today and take advantage of our membership incentivized referral agent program…

mca referral earnings

You can work from home, make $300-$2000+ paid to you every week, determined by the result of your efforts.

If you go for the Platinum Plan, you would be in the Matrix, which can give you up to $7500+ per month earning potential even if you never sponsored even one person.

Then get on over to “the portal” where there are more videos as well as a link to sign up.

This can be the first day of the rest of your life!


How do I make money?
Motor Club of America (company info) is looking to expand its market share in the emergency roadside assistance sector throughout the United States and Canada via word of mouth advertising referral campaign. Once you become a MCA member, you instantly become eligible for MCA’s customer referral plan, which is basically $80.00 for every successful sign-up. Also you’ll be paid $6.00 for every person the person you signed up, signs up. Plus .66 cent for every person one of those people sign up.
Example: lets say you sign up 1 person per day for one week. That’s $80.00 per successful sign up x 7 people, $560.00 that week. If you do that for 4 weeks $560.00×4 weeks, would be $2240.00 a month part-time, for one referral a day.

Why would MCA pay $80.00 per referral?
Have you ever seen a Motor Club of America T.V. or radio Commercial? What about a Magazine or a newspaper ad? No. It’s because MCA understands word of mouth advertising is the best and it’s cheaper than running $100 million TV/radio ads which may or may not work. So they pour out a few million dollars in referral bonuses to its members who refer friends, family and others. They know they have a great product and confident customers will keep the service long term. It’s a win win for MCA and its referral agents.

Why do I have to pay $40.00 to start?
You don’t have to be an MCA member (customer) to earn with MCA, but you do have to be an associate, which itself is free. It does make good business sense to be a member, however, since why would people buy from you or take your recommendation if you yourself are not consuming the product? The $40.00 bucks covers your first and last month of membership fees for the Motor Club of America benefits and service. It basically provides you with all the benefits you’ll be referring to new customers or agents. $40.00 Is no more than the amount you’ll be asking new customers and agents to pay when they sign up. You have to be an associate in order to receive the $80.00 referral bonuses MCA is paying out.

When and how do I get paid?
You can have your check directly deposited or receive a check via overnight UPS. Either way you’ll be paid $80.00 for each successful sign up prior to 10pm the previous Saturday night, every Friday.

Do I need anything special or any special training/education/certifications/licenses?
Not in most US States. MCA will provide you with your very own website portal, which is where your customers will sign up. This Portal will also give you access to all your sales stats, team member sales, training eManuals, tips, eBrochures full of a detailed lists of membership benefits. MCA has an 1-800 customer service number that will handle all agent questions/support for you, as well as handle all customer/member issues. MCA will give you access to its FB page where you can see what other members like yourself is doing to sign referrals. All you need is a computer with internet access.

How/Where do I find customers?
You find customers on or offline, friends, family. Places like Facebook, twitter, craigslist, free classified ad sites online. Car Show, body shops, towing companies, trade shows, etc are great place offline. As far as the ads themselves go, I’ve been copying and pasting the ones that work and revising the ones that don’t. I’ll provide training for online ad creation and for a social media marketing blueprint.

How do I Sign-up and start earning $80.00 referral bonuses as an associate who is also a member as explained above? (membership not required to be an associate, but it makes good business sense as explained above)
Here is how to get started my recommended way: 1. Go to this Link – Start Here and fill out the form then get brought to the portal page where you will click on the image of my back office or the red “Join” button at the bottom of the page, and on the next page Click “Get Started” for the MCA Total Security Motor Club option. Total cost is only $39.90 which pays 2 months membership (first/last) in advance. 2. Follow the steps to create a NEW account. You will receive a link with your own MCA ID to market to anyone you know who can take advantage of these amazing Motor Club of America benefits or the opportunity to start increasing their income!. 3. Update your Free TVC Motor Club of America Website site instantly. 4. Start Marketing MCA’s great products to the millions of people who will need them, and start Recruiting Associates, looking to earn 200% commissions paid weekly to sign up. 5. MCA will send out your starter kit, Associate Agreement and your Benefits package via Snail Mail. 6. Call that support number to set up direct deposit.

That’s all there is to it!


About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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  17. Keeaira says:

    If I make more than one sale with MCA do I still have be to pay my membership for that month?


    • Tom Connelly says:

      I’ll tell you something that no one told me. You don’t have to be a member to be an affiliate (rep). However, why would anyone buy from you if you didn’t believe enough to be a member?


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