MCA People Counting Cash

It’s always a great thing when you see real people counting their Motor Club of America earnings on video for all to see.  So, why do MCA reps do this?  It’s because there are so many people out there who are used to calling anything that they can’t do or are afraid to do or are too lazy to do a scam.  You see, if they convince themselves and everyone else it’s a scam that doesn’t pay, then they don’t have to look in the mirror at the failure that they see. After all, it’s a scam.



In come those successful real people promoting MCA and getting paid weekly, with their $100 and other bills for the cameras, and their checks and back office shots, PROVING that MCA really does pay.  They are also proving that someone is signing on and buying since that cash is being generated somehow.

mca earnings

If cash is being generated then people are buying.

If people are buying regularly then that means there are plenty more out there who will buy since someone will always be earning through Motor Club of America.

So, by that reasoning, YOU should be getting into MCA with your membership so that you can get a piece of those sales that will come because they always do.

So all of these MCA people want you to get into MCA with them because they’ll get a referral payment AND you will be tied to them on their team, so that when you make money they make money, and they have an interest in you making money with MCA.

Well, if they are all selling MCA then it’s the same thing, right?  It’s the same opportunity and company and pay, but let’s say that if you get in with people who know how to promote online and offline and they will share those tactics and skills with you so that you have a better chance of succeeding with MCA.

Well, I think that you know where this is going, my peeps.

I am in such a team.  If you take what I know about blogging and online marketing, what I know about offline marketing, and what I have learned form my VERY creative sponsor and friend about her VERY successful social medial strategy, then I think that you know that by getting into our “cartel”, you will have a leg up on many others out there.

We have very simple yet very powerful techniques that will come to you in simple to understand text and videos.

Anyone can do this but many won’t because they are lazy or don’t have the intestinal fortitude to actually work and really market this winning business the way it should be marketed and sold.

Another thing, we don’t always take on everyone.  There are so many complainers and do nothings out there, that we don’t want our time or training wasted on these people.

When we market in those ways, we actually talk to people and screen them.

If you are getting to our team through my various online methods, then consider yourself LUCKY that you can actually sign up this way without the lengthy screening, since you probably wouldn’t make the cut anyway.

If you are an action taker and are hungry for the kind of success you previously only dreamed about, then just get in now while you can, before we remove the entry link, since if you sign up through our link you are on the team, and there is no going back for us we have to take you.

Just one more thing.  No one can guarantee your success.  Besides it being illegal to do so, it’s also impossible, since we have NO WAY of knowing what really makes you tick and how hard a worker you are.

So, if you are still game, get on over to the video presentation site where there may still be a link to join with our Persist n Succeed Cartel.



About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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