MCA Earning Machine

Ever wonder why MCA is one of the greatest ways to earn money?  The 200% commission on the initial $40 signup fee is amazing, (19.95/month thereafter) as well as the residual income that comes from your recruits actually conducting their own business, but it’s the sheer ease of promoting something like this.



Think of it this way.  Motor Club of America is a service that gives people peace of mind when they are traveling.  They don’t have to worry about that flat tire, need for a tow, or emergency lodging because the membership has it’s privileges. (to swipe another famous company’s saying)  They also can rest assured that in the case of unfortunate physical harm, they also have some coverage that can be a life saver.  Not stopping there, there are prescription, dental, and vision discounts that you can take advantage of totally apart from anything to do with travel or accidents.  Most reasonable people who actually drive and go on trips, or people without the Cadillac insurance plans, can see the real value in having such a low cost service backing them up.  It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, but MCA did it for only $20/month.

Couple all the the above with the ability to actually earn some referral money that can totally make your membership free, and then some, and you have a service that is WAY easier to market than diet shakes and cosmetics, to name a few items that are also sold in the referral type of fashion.  If you go for the Platinum Plan and enter the 3×8 Matrix, you can earn without even referring anyone into the system.  How great is that?!

MCA commissions

This really is a no brainer for most logical people.  It’s also great for young people and those who the regular economy has passed by.  There are many folks from inner city areas who are making a very respectable living with MCA, without having to conform to the Corporate American standard of 9-5 madness.  There are also many other people who are using it to escape their Corporate American shackles that the 9-5 lie has slapped on them.

You can promote this in many ways, but that is for another article.

I created this blog to talk about MCA as well as promote it and a great Motor Club of America team.  You can join my MCA team here.




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