Getting More MCA Sales

MCA has benefits that surpasses all of the other roadside assistance services, plus a
lucrative $80 referral program that is available to any member.

You can create flyers, drop cards, flyers with pull off tabs at the bottom, etc and get out to
local businesses like auto parts stores, dealerships, or any place that has a cork board for
posting things, like food marts, diners, etc. You never know who reads those things and
might be interested. If they voluntarily grab it and follow up, that is a red hot lead.

mca ad

MCA provides a top rate service with amazing benefits for only $20/month. Most people with reasoning abilities would already be sold on the service, so throwing in about the referral opportunity is like icing the cake and in many cases will seal the deal.

The way you should look at it is like this. Most people are motivated by the prospect of
making more money, especially if it doesn’t interfere with their regular job. Who, these
days, doesn’t look for some extra pocket or mad money? So, with that in mind, looking around you wherever you may be, anyone within a few feet of you can be a possible prospect. If they aren’t interested in making money, then you don’t want them and should never chase someone like that since it will only be a waste of time anyway.

Motor Club of America‘s member benefits are so extensive and robust, that the answers provided by MCA are what your prospects want to hear anyway. Great prescription discounts, dental & vision discounts, etc… That is what people need to hear and it makes sense. It’s a service that is easy to recommend and people are happy to do it.

Another way is if you are traveling, ask service workers like hotel clerks, maids, and
waitresses about if they know anyone who is interested in making some more money. Many times these people are interested because they are already working for peanuts and they can really use the extra money themselves. Ask them if they know anyone interested in full or part time work or anyone who could use a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in extra income per week. Most people know of someone who could use that urgently.

Let me say something about people who are forced to work menial jobs.  Whether through lack of education or some other reason, many of these people are HUNGRY for success and are willing to hustle a bit to make a better living.  They are motivated, and they aren’t hampered by the constant second guessing and over thinking that more “educated” people are prone to.  Did you think that I was going to say something silly like they are too stupid to not sign up?  Never!  These people are hard workers and know a good thing when they see it, and they also know how HARD it is to earn a living, so $80-$90 per sale is like GOLD to them, as it should be to everyone, but the more educated population is also well conditioned to not seek out sales work and are brainwashed into the “job” mentality.  They have fooled themselves into thinking that an office and an empty title are prestigious.  That is why you will actually have MORE success building at least part of your organization with hard working salt of the earth working class and service workers, inner city and urban hustlers, etc.  People who are HUNGRY for success and want to work their butts off for a huge payday.  That’s my recommendation, do what you want with it.

Are these ideas new to you? If you are one of these people who are researching MCA and
aren’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?? Get on over to my entry portal where I have lots of videos and more information about MCA, as well as a way to get signed up fast, If you are ready to make some real serious cash with Motor Club of America.

The Job Interview Method:

If you aren’t afraid to meet people in person or play the role of someone seeking employees
for your team, then this is the method for you. Now, the ONLY thing that separates you from a traditional job recruiter is that the prospect needs to sign up with MCA in order to become eligible for your team, because you want people who actually use and are familiar with the product because no one makes as great referral agent as an actual consumer of the service. If you aren’t a member, then how can you seriously expect to sell other people on the service? People can see through that stuff, and you have to make sure that your prospects understand this when some invariably come back with something like, “What kind of job makes me pay to get hired?” It’s not that you are paying to get hired, but you are becoming a member of the service so that you can be an ethical “recommender” of the service. Also, you are paying for the service and the benefits not to “get hired”. It is a small mental shift but most intelligent people will actually understand that when they spend a few moments reasoning it out in their head, and you help them with that process by explaining it to them simply.

Okay, create your job ads and keep it specific but vague at the same time. You want to peak interest so put down your job qualifications – the qualities and skills that you are looking for in a team member, just as you would for any job ad. There is no need to enter the company name, but do it if you want to, or split it up in the ads to measure your success rate with either type of ad. This is called “split testing” your ads. Switch to the one
that gets the best response rate.

You can place ads online or in newspapers. For online far away people, schedule the
interview over the phone. For local newspapers, you can do the same or if you have a budget hire out a small hotel meeting room for the meets.

Set 2-3 appointments every half hours since only roughly 50% will even show up. That’s just human nature. Have them do the application which you can get from the MCA back office when you are a member.

There is also an interview form that you can use to ask questions to learn about the person.

Use the flip chart also provided in your back office.

You need to answer a few basic questions for your applicants, even if they never ask. They
are: Is this company a good one? Is the product good? and, Can I make money doing this?

There is an income projection spreadsheet that shows how they can earn $80 to $90 per sale with projections of how many sales per week can equal certain income goals. Cover the
insurance bonus to show them how they can qualify for the $100-$600 per month bonus. Also go over the “Setting Your Business Goals” page to show them how they can set and reach their income goals.

At the end of the interview, go over their experience and note anything that concerns you
about their info, like sales experience, previous job duration, overall job experience, etc.
Do NOT hire anyone that you feel that would be too laborious to train. They’ll drain you and they won’t succeed anyway.

Okay, so there you have the job interview method.


You can also schedule home parties the way all of the other marketing businesses do. This
can be for current team members as well as some prospects.


Allow your team members who are already under you to take new prospects and sign them up. You will be getting some of that business in the form of residuals, and even if you are not getting the actual $80 on those sales, you will be proving that you are a great team leader and your team will grow, and through sheer numbers your residual income will dwarf anything that you can personally do in signing up new people yourself!

There are other methods to get signups for MCA.

Motor Club of America is ripe for online recruitment and you can do this through a variety of social media and other sites.

mca local social networks

To get that primo training, you have to partner with me inside MCA, so check out the entry portal with the video presentations and the entry link.  Check out the presentation portal that I am building.  Do you think that I actually KNOW how to promote and sell MCA online?

Of course I do.

Get with a winner.


P.S. – By the way, if you were to join under the slightly more expensive Platinum Plan, you would be in the Matrix and would have earning potential even if you never referred anyone into MCA.  How great is that?


About Tom Connelly

Long time computer and internet guy. I was using computers when they still connected to TV sets! UNIX & multi platform Systems Administrator, 18+ years in enterprise and publishing software, software quality assurance, internet marketing, SEO, and all related areas.
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